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How to Support Us

Get Involved

If you would like to donate to one of our Food Drives, firstly THANK YOU!

Please see below items that we gladly accept and bring regular smiles to the recipients.  For drop off day/times please visit the 'News' page for detailed information regarding our upcoming Food Drives.

We happily accept cash/local check donations.

Please reach out to us via our 'Contact' page, we thank you in advance!

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Grocery Items to Donate

These are items that we regularly include in our grocery bags, 1 tin or 1 case we gladly accept all donations!

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline
Clothing & Household Items

We have limited storage available to us so we are unable to 'stock' a large amount of non food/personal hygiene items.  When the occasion occurs and we have a mum in need of baby clothes or shoes for their school-age children, we will send out a notification email and/or post on our social media requesting on a as-needed basis. Thank you as always for your generosity!

Traveler Walking In Airport

Visitor Donations

Do you like to pack a suitcase full of items to donate to the local community when you vacation?  Please contact us via the link below and we will let you know what our needs are.  Thank you in advance!

Conference Mingling
Hide and Seek
Corporate Meeting
Clapping Audience

Corporate Donations

Please contact us on the link below if your company has an upcoming trip to Providenciales and would like to contribute to improving the lives of local families 


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